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50. Ingebjørg og Leif Andersen


Slektsrekka starter med Ingebjørgs slekt.
The line starts with the family of Ingebjörg.

49. Sagnkongene


Kings of the legends

Board of the roots from the Magazine Sleksthistorie no. 1 and the Christmas Magazine 1953 of History Trust of Onsøy
Also written in Ingeborg Bjerknes's book "Hans Nielsen Hauge and his family and shown at

Yngvi Háfdanarson / 20 F: Krist / Hann was Tyrkjakonungur
Njörður (68)
Freyr Yngvi (100)
Fjölnir (134)
Svigðir (167)
Vanlandi (200)
Vísbur (240)
Dómaldi (260)
Domar (290)
Dyggvi (311)
Dagur (330)
Agne (350)
Alrek (370) __ Alrekur Agnason

48. Kongene fra 400-830


__ Yngvi Alrekson, 400
__ Jørmundur Yngvason, 420
__ Ani old Jørmundarson, 450
__ Egill Anason, 470
__ Ottar Egillsson, 500
__ Adils Ottarsson, 525, married Yrsa Helga Daughter
__ Eysteinn Adilsson, 550
__ Yngvar Eysteinssson, 570
__ Braut Onund Yngvarsson, 600
__ Ingjaldur Ønundarsson, 620, married Gautildur Algautadatter,
__ Olav Ingjaldsson, 650, married Sølvu Halfdan Daughter
__ Halfdan white bone Olafson, 680, married Åsa Eystein Daughter
__ Eystein Halfdansson, 700, king of the Roman Empire and Vestfold

- Halfdan the Mild Eysteinsson, born 745, died 800, Vestfold, married Hilf Lif Dagdsdotter
- Gudrod Halfdansson Veidelkonge, born 775, reigned in Vestfols, died 839, married Aasa Haraldsdatter
- Halfdan the Black Gudrødsson born 820, died ca. 863, married ca. 850 with Ragnhild Sigurd's daughter, born ca. 830

47. Kongene fra 690-872


Kissa - the king of Agder in the early 800's

  * King Agde
     * Vigbrands from Agder (or Vikar): about 690
     * Herbrand Vigbrandsson
     * Kissa
     * Harald Granraude (red-bearded): to about. 815
     * Gudrød the Hunter: about 815 - ca. 821, King of Vestfold.
     * Åsa Haraldsdatter: about 821 - ca. 829
     * Halfdan the Black: about 829 - ca. 860, King of Vestfold.
     * Kjotve the rich: about 860 - ca. 872

ca. 872: College is incorporated in Harald Hårfagres rich.

[edit] Alvheim (Bohuslän)

46. Harald Granraude


Harald Granraude
(lived ca. 800) was king of Agder. He was married to Gunhild Ragnvaldsdatter, daughter of Ragnvald Sigurdsson, farmer at Huseby in the lists.

Harald was the father of Åsa Haraldsdatter and Gyrd Haraldsson.

When the king of Vestfold, Gudrød the Hunter, sent men to propose to Harald's daughter Åsa, thanks Harald no. This meant that after a while put King Gudrod ships on the water, and he sailed with a large fleet west to College, he came quite unexpectedly upon them, landed and came to Harold's farm at night. When Harald saw that an army had come, he went out with all the people he had. It was a hard struggle, but the power was too great. There fell Gyrd Harald and his son. Kong Gudrod took great spoil, he also took Åsa, daughter of King Harald, with her home and held a wedding with her.

A local legend says that Harald Granraude hid in an underground tunnel with Åsa, but they were found, and Harald was beheaded.

45. Veidekong Gudrød


Gudrød the Hunter was king in Vestfold, and to have died in 839

Gudrod was of Ynglingeætta and son of Halfdan the Mild. He was also called the "Storlåtne".

Gudrod was married twice, first with Alvhild, daughter of King Alvarin from Nair, and with her he got a half Vingulmark, says Snorri Sturluson. The zone is their Olav Geirstada-Alv. After Alvhild was dead, bela Gudrod to Åsa, daughter of Harald Granraude College. Harald refused this, and Gudrod for the herskip to College and røva Åsa. Harald and his son, Gyrd, fall in battle. Åsa was the mother of Halfdan the Black.

Soga says that Gudrod was killed by skosveinen to Åsa.

Gudrod sat as king in Skiringssal in Vestfold. C3% 85sa_Haraldsdatter

Åsa Harald's daughter (born ca. 800 died ca. 834) was the queen of Vestfold, Romerike and Vingulmark. She was the daughter of Harald Granraude, a local king from the College. Mother of Halfdan the Black.

44. Dronning Åse


The ship of queen Åse
Åsa, daughter of Harald Granraude of Agder. Åsa was the mother of Halfdan the Black.

Soga says that Gudrod was killed by skosveinen to Åsa.
Gudrod sat as king in Skiringssal in Vestfold. C3% 85sa_Haraldsdatter

Åsa Harald's daughter (born ca. 800 died ca. 834) was the queen of Vestfold, Romerike and Vingulmark. She was the daughter of Harald Granraude, a local king from the College. Mother of Halfdan the Black.

It is probably Åsa who was buried in the Oseberg ship.

She was married to Gudrod Halfdan the Hunter King, who had robbed her. Gudrod had no by Aasa's father when he proposed marriage, and because of that he killed both his father and brother before he robbed Åsa with them. It is possible Queen Åsa were behind the murder of her husband about. years 821. After Gudrod death she went to her father's kingdom and ruled there until her son, Halfdan, were good enough reason to take over.

43. Halvdan Svarte


King Halvdan the black

Halfdan the Black, approx. 810 - ca. 860. There are conflicting data about his birth and death, but he was king from ca. 829. Nicknamed "Black" he was because of his black hair.

The tradition of Halfdan the Black are historically uncertain, but he is mentioned in many historical works; Ágrip af Nóregskonungasögum (Trondheim, ca. 1190), Halfdan Svartes saga in Heimskringla (Snorri, ca. 1220) and Fagrskinna (Iceland, ca. 1225).

The sagas say that the Viking King Halfdan the Black is buried in the Halfdan Haugen on Stein in Hole municipality, Norway. Snorre writes that once Halfdan the Black had been visiting the Hadeland, he went over Randsfjorden on the way home. Then he went through the ice with his horse and sleigh, and drowned.

42. Halvdan Sigurdson


Halvdan Sigurdsen

Halvdan Sigurdsen
Born: ABT 944 - Oppland


41. Fra Dronning Ragnhild til Harald Hårfagre


Name             Dronning Ragnhild Sigurdsdatter, 29G Grandmother
Birth             Ringerike
Father             Sigurd Hjort Helgisson på Ringerike
Mother             Tyrne Haraldsdotter
1             Kong Halvdan Gudrødson Svarte, 29G Grandfather
Birth             797
Death             860, Randsfjorden
Occupation             Konge over Rignerike (Hadeland)
Alias/AKA             Halvtan, Halfdan the Black of Westfold
Father             Gudrød den storlåtne Veidekonge
Mother             Åsa Haraldsdotter
Children             Harald 1 Hårfagre (ca 858-ca 933)

Notes for Dronning Ragnhild Sigurdsdatter
Mother of Ragnhild was Tyrne, daughter of King Harald Klak-in Jutland; Tyrne was sister to Tire Danmarksbot, who was married to Gorm the Old who ruled for Danevelde the time.
Halfdan the Black Saga 5

Heimskringla states she is the daughter of Sigurd Hart and of Thorny daughter of Klack Harald King of Jutland, siezed by the bareserk Haki when he had slain her father; marriage with her put off pending the healing of Haki's wounds;but in the meantime she is robbed from Haki by the order of King Halfdan the Black who straightway marries her. i 81.15-83.9 her dream, 83.14=31 her son Harald Hairfair, 85.3=9.

Notes for Halfdan Gudrødson (Spouse 1)
Halfdan the Black was king of Ringerike, possibly over Hadeland: Halfdan the Black went through the ice on Randsfjorden and drowned. He was married to Queen Ragnhild who was the mother of kings. Source "Braathens Safes King series"

Till belongs to the Norwegian branch of ynglingætten.
Halfdan the Black's death in 860 Randsfjorden.

40. Harald Hårfagre


King Harald Hårfagre
Harald I (ca. 850-933) (Haraldr hárfagri) was the king of Norway ca. 872-933 years, after having been king of the parts of the country from 860/865. In some listings, therefore, considered his regent cabinets from 865. Year of this period must however be viewed as suggestions, rather than as absolute fact.

39. Slekter følger slekters gang


1. Harald I Halfdansson, born 858, died 934, King 872-933,24 children of which one was Eirik of Hordaland
2. Sigurd Rise Haraldsson, born ca.904, died 960, King of Horadaland, mother Snofried Svåsadatter
3. Halfdan Sigurdsson, born 934, died 9? , King of Uppsölum, married to Y Neridsdotter
4. Sigurd Syr, was born 970, died 1018 married Aasta Gulbrand Daughter
5. Harald Sigursson Haaraade, born 1015, died 25.sept.1066, married Tora Torberg daughter from Athlone, born 1015
6. Olav Haraldsson Kyrre, born 1046, died 22.sept.1093, married Tora Ragnvaldsdatter, born 1030
7. Magnus Olafsson Barfot, born 1073, died 24.May 1130 in Ireland, married Margrethe Inge Daughter
8. Harald Gille, born 1094, died 14.des.1136, married Tora Guthormsdatter from Ireland, the mother was Tora Guttorm Daughter
9. Sigurd Mund Haraldsson, born 1133, died 10th 1155, married Gunhild, born 1137
10. Sverre Sigurdsson, born 1152, died 9.mars 1202, married 1175 with Astrid Hroesdatter from the Faroe Islands, born 1160
11. Haakon Sverreson, born 1175, died 1.jan. 1204, married to Inga from Varteig, born 1189
12. Haakon Haakonsson, born 1204, died 15 des. 1263 married Margrethe Skúladóttir, born 1212, died 1270
13. Magnus Haakonsssön Lagabøtes, born 1238, died 9 May 1280, married Ingeborg of Denmark, Danish princess, born 1244, died 1287
14. Haakon Magnusson, 10.april born 1270, died May 8th 1319, married Eufemia of Rügen, Germany, born 1286, died 1302
15. Haakon's daughter Agnes, born 1286, died 1319, married Haftor Jonsson, died in 1320, the Sudreim, Romerike, mother Gro Sigurdsdotter
16. Jon Haftorsson Roos, born 1312, Sudreim to Huseby and Borregaard (Baron), died 1397, married Birgitta Knutsdatter Lejon, died at Huseby in 1395
17. Cecilia Jonsdatter, born 1372, died 1411, married Ulf Holgeirsson, Swedish knight, born 1387, died 1410
18. Aase Ulfsdatter, born ca. 1390, died 1433 at Ellingsgård married Oluf Þórsteinsson Golden Horn to Ellingaard (adlig) and Hafslund?
19. Birgitte Oluf Daughter Golden Horn, born 1390 (this must be wrong) married Sigurd Sjofarsson of Rose Bringsværd, Tønsberg, born 1380, died March 28, 1446
20. Sjofar Sigurdsson Rose Bringsværd, born 1415, died 1478, Østby, married Asbjørg Brynjulf Daughter Dæli
21. Rolf Rose Sword, born 1455, Østby, Skjeberg, died 1499, married NN Øystein Daughter
22. Sigurd Rolfsson Rose Sword, born 1490, died 1555, married NN Bergulfdatter, mother Kirsten Lindbek
23. Valgjerd Sigurd's daughter Rose Sword, born 1530, died 1594, married Oluf Kaare Skraatorp, born 1550, died 1592 / Asgaut Eriksen, died in 1560, Huseby / Olav Ellingsen
24. Elling Olufsen Auge Berg, born 1560, died 1619, son of Oluf Kaare, married Eline Pedersen Fragile Torp, born 1550, died 1624
25. Ole/Oluf Ellingsen Stromness, born 1600, died 1665, married his daughter Stromness, born 1605
26. Elen Olsdatter Auge Berg, born 1630, married Gunder Nielsen Engelsviken, born 1604, died 1688
27. Kiönig Gundersen, Reklingsholm, born 1665, died 23 February 1727, married Eli Olsdatter Roer, born 1666, died 27 des. 1772
28. Gunder Kiönigsen, Reklingsholm, born 1713, died 1780, married Anne Jensdatter Höium, born 1721
29. Kiönig Gundersen Horgen, born 1745 married Mary Syversadtter, Rental, born
30. Gundro Kiönigsen Brönneröd, born 1768, married Pernille Gudmund's daughter, Lisleby, born 1770
31. Ellen Marie Gundrosdatter, born 1803, married Henry Olsen (Engshaugen), born 1801
32. Johanne Marie Henry's daughter, born on 9 April 1830, died married Cornelius Andersen (Helgesen), born July 25, 1832
33. Hans Corneliussen, born 12 February 1872, 1 December, 1958, married Mina Sven daughter, born 7 March 1870, died 26 September 1947
34. Ingebjörg Marie Corneliussen, born 04 December, 1913, died 20 January 2004, married Leif Oscar Andersen, born 14 February 1915
35. Björg Nina Andersen, born 06 May 1953, Fredrikstad, married Tore Lia, born 30 November 1953, Drangedal
36. Eirik Lia, born 10 February, 1979, Drammen
and Magnus Lia, born 12 February, 1983, Fredrikstad

38. Elingaard


Aase Ulfsdottir, born about 1390, dead about 1433, married to Oluf Torsteinsson Gyllenhorn of Elingaard and Hafslund (noble)


37. Ingebjørg Marie Corneliussens besteforeldre og oldeforeldre


Ingebjørg Marie Corneliussen´s grandparents and great-grandparents


36. Cornelius Andersen


Born 25.07. 1832 at Glemmen
Married to Johanne Marie Henriksen
Son Hans Corneliussen

Parents of Hans Corneliussen
Mother, Johanne Marie Henriksen
Father, Cornelius Andersen

35. Johanne Marie Henriksen


Born 09.04.1830
Married to Cornelius Andersen
Son, Hans Corneliussen

Parents of Hans Corneliussen
Mother, Johanne Marie Henriksen
Father, Cornelius Andersen

34. Marthe Jonasdatter Wastvedt


Married to Christian Svensen 14.12.1827
at Gunnerød

33. Henrik Rasmussen


Born 1809
Married 24.11.1831 to
Marie Zakariassen Braate
Daughter, Karen Henriksen

32. Marie Zakariassen Braate


Born in Skiptvedt

31. Sven Christiansen


Born 18.11. 1833
Dead 02.06.1921, Svindal
Married to Karen Henriksen
Daughter, Mina Svensdatter

30. Karen Henriksen


Born 21.04.1836 in Vaaler
Baptised 12.05 1836
Married in Aker church, Christiania
to Sven Christiansen
Daughter, Mina Svensen

29. Traramoen


The house of Mina and Hans Corneliussen.
Fjell rd 1
1606 Fredrikdstad

28. Hans Corneliussen


Born 12.02.1872 1873 (?)
Dead 01.12.1958
Married to Mina Svensdatter
Eleven children
The youngest was Ingebjørg Marie

Skipstømmermann på Fredrikstad mekaniske Verksted

27. Mina Svensdatter


Grandgrandmother named Maria (?)
Born 07.03.1870
Dead 26.09.1947
Married to Hans Korneliussen
Eleven children
The youngest was Ingebjørg Marie

26. Ingebjörg Marie Corneliussen


Born 04.12.1913 in Fredrikstad
Married to Leif Oscar Andersen
Dead 20.01.2004
Two daughters:
Sidsel Elisabeth (Andersen) Anstem born 09.10.1946
Bjørg Nina Andersen Lia born 06.05.1953

25. Leif Oscar Andersens familie


The family of Leif Oscar Andersen

Legh Olsen Bergerud, born 1727, married in Rakkestad, 1760, died 1809. Is the owner of Bergerud from 1804
Anders Leghsen, born 1775, died 1839, married 1814 with Jøran Larsdatter Rud
Ole Andersen, born 14.feb. 1829, died 26 July 1922, married Emilie Nikolaisen, married Andrine Pers Daughter
Louis Andersen, born, died, married Justina Backa
Leif Oscar Andersen, born 14.feb. 1915, married Marie Ingebjørg Corneliussen, born 4.des. 1915, died 28 January 2004

24. Legh Olsen


Born 1727
Dead 1809
Married 1760
Children, youngest, Anders Legh


23. Anders Legh Olsen


Born 1775
Dead 1839
Married to Jøran Larsdatter
Children, Ole Andersen

22. Jøran Larsdatter


Married to Anders Legh Olsen
Children, Ole Andersen

21. Ole Andersen


Born 14.02.1829
Dead 26.07.1922
Married to Andrine Persdatter
Children, Ludvig Albert Andersen

Ole var først gift med Emilie Nicilaisdatter, men etter hennes død, giftet han seg på nytt med 
Andrine Persdatter.

20. Andrine Persdatter


Married to Ole Andersen
Children, Ludvig Albert Andersen

19. Andrine Persdatter


Married to Ole Andersen
Children, Ludvig Albert Andersen

18. Ludvig Albert Andersen


Born 13.03.1882
Dead 03.08.1951
Married to Justine Charlotte Backa
Six children, the forth, Leif Oscar Andersen

17. Bondegården på Backa


Gerda i vit klänning
å Hanna i blå
de två som står intill dom
är Maj å F Hansen å Liten
å så är det min yngsta bror å min styvfar som står i trädården

Backa  tne farmhouse
Greta in white dress
and Hanna in blue
those who are standing beside them
are Maj and F Hansen and
and then my youngest brother and my stepfather
who are standing in the gardenödra_Bullaresjön

Se hva Lena på få minutter fant ut om slekta vår i Sverige,

Familiegraven til broren til oldefaren min:

og dette skriver Lena videre:
Här ligger Gerda i den vita klänningen på fotot begraven i sin familjegrav. Tror jag nästan säkert. Kan inte ha funnits två samtidigt på samma gård. Ska kolla upp allt ordentligt i kyrkoböckerna. Vem hon är osv. Vilka är Hansson som bor på Backa? Är det syster med familj till din som flyttade till Norge? Men tror jag spårade rätt här på Gerda. Att det är hon på fotot.

16. Justine Charlotte Backa


Born 08.10.1884
Dead 08.03.1965
Married to Ludvig Albert Andersen
Six children, the forth, Leif Oscar Andersen
Her family changed their name to Bakker when they settled at Rostad in Tune. 

Justine Charlotte Hansdatter

Justinas far het Hans Henrik Håkansson Backa etter gården han kom fra i Naverstad.
Han var født 1850
og gift med 
Inger Mathilda Andersdotter, født 1856

Hennes søsken:

Gustav og Hulda

Mulig dette er Justines foreldre, mor i midten og far til høyre.

15. Leif Oscar Andersen


Born 14.02. 1915
Married to Ingebjørg Marie Corneliussen
Two daughters, Sidsel Elisabeth (Andersen) Anstem
and Bjørg Nina Andersen Lia

14. Slektstreet, tre generasjoner

Slektstreet, tre generasjoner


13. Notater samlet av Johnny Corneliussen om Syver Kjöstelsen


My great-great-great-great-grandfather Syver Kjöstelsen

My great-great-great-great-great-grandparents Syver Kjöstelsen and Ragnhilds daughter Guri married Mikkel Henriksen Evenrød, nivø by Nils Mikkelsen.
On Evenrød found letters including from Guri Syver Daughter of the Church Rental written 3 months before they married,
Nils Mikkelsen suitor's letter to Maria Olsdatter for Hauge is also there. Nils Mikkelsen Evenrød and Maria are Hans Nilsen Hauge's parents.

12. Notaters samlet av Johnny Corneliussen om Kjøniksen familien


Maria married the first time with Kjönik Gundersen and another time with Andres Evensen, who later took over the farm.
When Mary died, Anders inherited half the farm, and the other half went to the children, including Mary's 3 sons by first marriage:
Jens Kjöniksen (Horjen), Gundro Kjöniksen (Brønnerød) and Simen Kjöniksen (Horjen).
Mary's sister was married to Guri Nickel Henriksen Evenrød.
Gundro Kjöniksen was a blacksmith. He lived only a short time Kirkelei. In the year 1806 he bought the place Northern trees, but sold it soon after and moved back to Brønnerød.
Gundro was born in 1768 and died 1820. He married in 1797 with Pernille Gudmund's daughter from Lisleby (born 1770, died 1832).
Gundro and Pernille had these children: Elen Marie (died young), Kjönik, Elen Marie, Anne Thorin (died young) and Syver.
Elen Marie Gunnerosdatter, born 23.04. 1803 died 14/10/1872, married a sailor Henrik Olsen, born 1801, died 01/04/1881.
Elen Marie and Henry had 3 sons: Peter Arnt, Gunnar and his Engshaugen (Henriksen) who were all sailors.
They also had at least 2 daughters. One, St. John's, married my great-grandfather Cornelius Andersen, the second, Maren Oline, married Carl Gustav Severin Hansen who is Karl A. Hansen (theater manager) grandfather.