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onsdag 11. mars 2009

English family

They are called Escher! Their  name were Oluf and Magga, living in Holly Lodge, Church Lane, Cheshunt, Herts ( Christmascard 1951).
Magga was the aunt of my father.

American family

I have unknown family in Wisconsin. My grandfather's brothers/sisters went over there and settled in the north-central  part of USA.
I have old letters from Mrs. William J. Unden, and Myrtle Hanson Unden (my father's cousin), 431 No. 23 rd Ave. West Duluth, Minnesota and Edith Pederson, Wentworth, Wisconsin from 1912 and 1948 and Mina Hanson from Minneapolis, 1953 and 1960.
I keep them tight to my heart ;:OD)
Written 11.03.2011