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søndag 8. november 2009

44. Dronning Åse


The ship of queen Åse
Åsa, daughter of Harald Granraude of Agder. Åsa was the mother of Halfdan the Black.

Soga says that Gudrod was killed by skosveinen to Åsa.
Gudrod sat as king in Skiringssal in Vestfold. C3% 85sa_Haraldsdatter

Åsa Harald's daughter (born ca. 800 died ca. 834) was the queen of Vestfold, Romerike and Vingulmark. She was the daughter of Harald Granraude, a local king from the College. Mother of Halfdan the Black.

It is probably Åsa who was buried in the Oseberg ship.

She was married to Gudrod Halfdan the Hunter King, who had robbed her. Gudrod had no by Aasa's father when he proposed marriage, and because of that he killed both his father and brother before he robbed Åsa with them. It is possible Queen Åsa were behind the murder of her husband about. years 821. After Gudrod death she went to her father's kingdom and ruled there until her son, Halfdan, were good enough reason to take over.