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søndag 8. november 2009

8. Notater samlet av Johnny Corneliussen om familien Helgesen


The family had greate influence on life of Traramoen....
Many of Anders descendants have built their houses here and although the family name for each is fornadret for Sørensen, Corneliussen, Nilsen, Larsen mm belong to the numerous Helgesen family.
In Glemmen Bygdebok we can read that Johan Helgesen bought one half of Northern Trees In 1793, for 50 thalers. This may be one explanation for why so many of Helgesen family had land and settled on the trees Moen. "Who was John, I do not know. He is too old to be Anders Helgesens brother.
But who was Andres Helgesens father?
We can assume that he was called Weekend and it is likely that he may be the fabled "Gamper-Hælje" which was so strong that he with his own forces lifted a horse out of the marsh.
In Glemmen Parish, 20 June 1790, we read:
"2 Sunday after Trinity was Döbt a uægte Boys Children from Square Knight's house. Father entered the be Helge Andersen, Jægeraf Mr. Captain von Annfeldts and the 2 Jaeger Compagnie. Mother Anne Sophie Sören daughter. Barnet Cold Anders. Ø.P. (godparents) Gunnil Reier, girl Gunnil Rasmus Daughter Myhra, Frans Franse, Gulbrand Mogensen and Hans Poulsen, all 3 of Jaeger Corpse ". The Slabbedasken! Could this be our Weekend? Fine kariI king's clothes, twisted his head on an innocent pikebran and insert "uægte" children of the world?
We do not know the circumstances, we do not know where Mr. Captain von Annfeldts proud Jaeger Corps, found himself the master's year 1790.
Glemmen parish register tells us that Jaeger Helge Andersen was devoted to the girl Anne Sophie Soren daughter from Knight House on 26th February 1792.
In Glemmen Bygdebok can we also read that Helge and Anne Sophie had a son in the square Myhra in 1792.