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søndag 8. november 2009

46. Harald Granraude


Harald Granraude
(lived ca. 800) was king of Agder. He was married to Gunhild Ragnvaldsdatter, daughter of Ragnvald Sigurdsson, farmer at Huseby in the lists.

Harald was the father of Åsa Haraldsdatter and Gyrd Haraldsson.

When the king of Vestfold, Gudrød the Hunter, sent men to propose to Harald's daughter Åsa, thanks Harald no. This meant that after a while put King Gudrod ships on the water, and he sailed with a large fleet west to College, he came quite unexpectedly upon them, landed and came to Harold's farm at night. When Harald saw that an army had come, he went out with all the people he had. It was a hard struggle, but the power was too great. There fell Gyrd Harald and his son. Kong Gudrod took great spoil, he also took Åsa, daughter of King Harald, with her home and held a wedding with her.

A local legend says that Harald Granraude hid in an underground tunnel with Åsa, but they were found, and Harald was beheaded.