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søndag 8. november 2009

12. Notaters samlet av Johnny Corneliussen om Kjøniksen familien


Maria married the first time with Kjönik Gundersen and another time with Andres Evensen, who later took over the farm.
When Mary died, Anders inherited half the farm, and the other half went to the children, including Mary's 3 sons by first marriage:
Jens Kjöniksen (Horjen), Gundro Kjöniksen (Brønnerød) and Simen Kjöniksen (Horjen).
Mary's sister was married to Guri Nickel Henriksen Evenrød.
Gundro Kjöniksen was a blacksmith. He lived only a short time Kirkelei. In the year 1806 he bought the place Northern trees, but sold it soon after and moved back to Brønnerød.
Gundro was born in 1768 and died 1820. He married in 1797 with Pernille Gudmund's daughter from Lisleby (born 1770, died 1832).
Gundro and Pernille had these children: Elen Marie (died young), Kjönik, Elen Marie, Anne Thorin (died young) and Syver.
Elen Marie Gunnerosdatter, born 23.04. 1803 died 14/10/1872, married a sailor Henrik Olsen, born 1801, died 01/04/1881.
Elen Marie and Henry had 3 sons: Peter Arnt, Gunnar and his Engshaugen (Henriksen) who were all sailors.
They also had at least 2 daughters. One, St. John's, married my great-grandfather Cornelius Andersen, the second, Maren Oline, married Carl Gustav Severin Hansen who is Karl A. Hansen (theater manager) grandfather.