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søndag 8. november 2009

11. Noater samlet av Johnny Corneliussen om gården Glemmen


The farm Glemmen was raised in the stoneage and is the oldest in the earea.
In the old Norwegian named the farm "Glymeimar" which apparently is formed from the verb "glymja", used to slash sound or noise, and "heimr".
The name should have Semmes hang with the stream in the north (Råbekken).
In the year 1400 was the Bishop farm goods, was later confiscated by the king as forlente it to the noble estate. It was only in the 1700s that users had ownership of the farm (which was then divided by the number of farms).
The first users, we can read about is Jens (1557-1594,) Hoffuord to approx. 1630 and then his son-in Borge, born ca. 1588, who ran the farm until about. 1671.
Borges son Jens Børgesen b. 1634, had the farm until his death in 1692.
His widow, Marthe Kjöstelsdatter left the farm to his son Kjöstel mentioned that use of the Eastern Glemmen 1711-1715.
Kjöstel, b. 1688, married Guri Jensdatter, and they had a son named Syver,
Syver Kjöstelsen was born in 1712 and died in 1790. He married Ragnhild Andersdatter (f.1715, died 1783). Gravbsteinen the old cemetery.
Syver Church bought the farm rent in 1782 for 299 thalers.
Syver and Ragnhild had the following children: Maria, Siri, Jens (died young), Kristine, Karen, Guri and Lisbeth.